Aqua Dunya Theme Park Dubai

Tourism stands for an important factor for any country’s economy. It not only helps directly in bringing in the foreign cash but also motivates the country government to keep updating the facilities in order to provide the best services to the visitors. Beach sides, hill views, valleys and many natural attractions contributes for tourism while Dubai holds a unique quality in attracting people from all over the world. With tax free shopping the latest trend is Dubai theme parks. Among these theme parks, Aqua Dunya in Dubai is known for its absolute grand appearance. Situated in Dubailand this park has numerous attractions to attract a large number of visitors each day.

Aqua Dunya theme park is an adventurous park with timeless fun and entertainment. The park is divided on the basis of adventurous story of Rakaan and categorized into three main islands. Each island presents its own story and gives endless energy to enjoy the rides at its full glance. The project is an ultimate grand experience of restaurants, residential area and souk for shopping. The Aqua Dunya is the perfect utilization of Dubai biggest resource of water. One can jump into the water with all its mystery inside it while there is a perfect rafting experience for those who want to be faster than ever.

The major success factor behind Aqua Dunya theme park is its location inside Dubailand. Dubailand has managed to attract many visitors so far and provided maximum satisfaction in terms of fun and luxury. Once visited and people have shown interest to explore it another time due to its extreme attractive nature. Aqua Dunya is yet not open to public for some undone construction related projects but its attraction has motivated people to explore it immediately. The theme park will be soon open and will be considered as the biggest theme park in Middle East.

Apart from all the water activities, there is a huge cruise in the middle of the water in Aqua Dunya that not only presents some luxurious environment in form of a hotel with 300 rooms while it also offers many exciting activities that will be carried indoor. The water rides of the Aqua Dunya are suitable from kids to the most skilled and adventure lovers’ people. The park has enough capacity to accommodate a large number of people for its almost 36 water slides. Presence of a hotel will provide a perfect ambiance to make the trip to Aqua Dunya memorable.

Other attractions of the park include vacation apartments with complete luxury, a theater room that can accommodate more than 1800 people and will be serving for the musical shows, and various public events. Around more than 1000 luxury apartments provides a dream place where one can relate as the most adventurous place to live in the whole world. To indulge into the timeless experience of adventure and luxury, hold your breaths for Aqua Dunya soon opening promise by the management, yet its attractions can be explored on the internet.
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